1 to many lights not enough power

Hi all
Have been converting my PX125 into a very cool mod scoot but have a problem with the lights. I wired 2 extra headlights direct from the main headlight which has a decent brightness but when I use the indicators the headlights dip and flash in brightness. does anyone know of a cure for this little problem? (Things I`ve thought about: more amp/hours on battery, connect another battery, better alternator or even lower watt bulbs.)

Thanx 4 any help



the best solution will that you`ve stop to building a mod style scooter (it was only a joke!!)

You will need a battery. This will solve your problem. You could download the wiring diagram for a P-range Vespa with battery on this webside! But you will need the voltage regulator from a DC- Vespa

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[I)]Question: Are the extra headlights for normal driving or just etra brilliance at night? (I dont know about you guys but here in NZ we of the two wheel fraternity have to have our headlights on during the day)... if they are only to give you extra light at night you may want to check how theyre wired - they should probably only „come on“ with the high beam.
It`s a thought anyway.

I Know, I know but some ones got to build 1 and keep a british youth cult alive…

anyway the PX125 I have is a disc brake year 2000 series so it already has a battery and voltage regulator so what if anything should I do now?

by the way its a craking website!

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Hello Lee,

this sounds good! If I were you, I would connect the lights to the battery (with a switch between the battery and the lamps)!

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we`re all mods, sometimes [;)]